Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cake #1 -The First Cake of The Twelve Cakes of Christmas

Today is the day for the Christmas Cake. This has been a favorite for many years now - the recipe comes from a magazine clipping, most likely Sunset Magazine from the 1970's! This is a fruitcake for all those who are fruitcake haters. It's easy and good and really pretty with the red and green cherries. Oh, I forgot about the rum - that makes it even better.

And pecans, of course, always make cakes really good.

When it's finished, it is as good to eat as it is pretty to look at.

Now it's your turn to give it a try:


This is the original recipe that The Distracted Cook uses every year. This is a good example of why there needs to be a better way to save your favorite recipes - well, I am sure that there are some cooks out there whose recipes NEVER look like this. And I am equally as sure that their kitchens are immaculately spiffy and that they have already alphabetized their spices on the shelf. Since there is a new year coming up, The Distracted Cook will begin to elaborate on her tricks to keep recipes from ending up like this one.

Let us know how you like this cake. I am betting that it will become one of your favorites too! And go ahead and have a second slice - tomorrow is another day and another Christmas Cake!

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